A Mobile App that Provides a Daily Journey of Catholic Discovery and Re-Discovery

User Comments:

"This app allows every catholic to develop a deep understanding of Scripture
and the Tradition and Magisterium of the Catholic Church. It is a resource for
the new evangelization that God is asking us to preach."
-- Fr. Roberto Mena, ST

"Come and discover the highest realities of the faith by carrying the
material access to them in your pocket, all the easier therefore to walk,
discover and stay in touch spiritually, constantly."
-- Paul Dion, STL

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User Comments

"ParishWorld offers our parishes real opportunities for true faith formation using this rapidly growing medium.”
-- Most Rev. Bishop Rutilio del Riego, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of San Bernardino

"ParishWorld provides smart, innovative and dynamic assistance to a lot of parish websites that like Lazarus were too long in the tomb.”
-- Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC, National Director of Family Theater Productions

“ParishWorld is both informative and formative.”
-- Dr. Isabel Dion. Liturgical Director of St. Christopher Church, Moreno Valley, CA

"It is now easier for me and my husband to talk about the Mass and Sunday Gospels to our children. Thay are now attentive and prayerful during the Mass. Thank you for"
-- Corazon Buenaventura, Manila Phillipines

"God bless you for your wonderful apostolate. We enjoy ParishWorld!"
-- Sister Agnes, Sacred Heart Kids' Club

"These articles are fabulous ways of evangelization. I myself am hooked on it because it's interesting and very informative. This is without a doubt a must read for everyone."
-- Alfred Dianela, Rowland heights, CA

"Hallujah! Yes, all Praises be to our Heavenly Father, His Only Begotten Son Jesus,and The Presence of Life, Holy Ghost (The Breath of God) for this written reflection known as!"
-- Br. Phil Bara

"All I can say is WoW. I am very impressed."
-- Fr. Jim Moran, Honolulu, HI

"Definitely erudite & timely. Keep up the good work. Know that there is someone cheering for you."
-- A Lasalette Missionary

"Thank you for the weekly Scriptures and reflections."
-- Lenora Grimaud, Palm Desert, CA

"Thank you for Fr. Roberto Mena, ST. Gracias por la bella página del Padre Mena. Quisiera mantener el contacto con él. Thanks for the nice webpage of Father Mena."
-- Padre Jorge Toussaint,Guatemala

"You always seem to have your finger on the pulse of what Catholics need to think and talk about."
-- Frank Tobin, Frank Tobin Public Relations, Los Angeles, CA

"Your selection of topics is just great. Keep up the good work."
-- Matt Khan, Cleveland, OH

"I really like your site and so happy I found it."
--Judy Harkness

"Excellent. It is so evident that the Internet can be a blessing to help people grow spiritually."
-- Sister Rose Pacatte, FCP, Culver City, CA

"Awesome job"
-- Tim Mahar, Moreno Valley, CA

"Thank you for a wonderful and excellent job. I know many will read it and benefit greatly from it. God Bless You."
-- Msgr. Tom Wallace, Missions Director, Diocese of San Bernardino

“As a former pastor, I know it will increase parish website visitors and readers.”
-- Fr. Romy Seleccion, MS, Episcopal Vicar, Diocese of San Bernardino

"This is a phenomenal web-publication for the parish and community. Something of this quality requires a tremendous amount of work and dedication. It shows."
-- Warren Henderson

About ParishWorld

ParishWorld Mobile is the quintessential universal Catholic app. In the Catholic world, it is simply without equal. Each page is beautifully presented and features a non-stop stream of feeds from the widest collection of Roman Catholic sources ever assembled on the internet. These stories blend nicely with many other feeds from curated channels that cover a wide range of secular Lifestyle interests and News stories. The end result is a very attractive online magazine that not only updates itself with the most interesting and freshest content in real time. It is also one that is simply truly Catholic.

Each time you open the app, you are taken on a wonderful personal journey of Catholic discovery and re-discovery. You can choose to follow all your favorite Catholic writers, bloggers and websites. And discover new ones. Follow the Pope everyday and hear his newest daily messages. And enjoy tens of thousands of other Catechetical and Catholic Living stories that stream non-stop to your mobile device 24/7.

A Daily Prayer Guide

It is a daily guide to Church prayers and Liturgy. Start your day with the Daily Readings. Use the app as a guide to pray the Liturgy of the Hours throughout the day. Read Bible stories and the non-stop stream of related reflections. Rediscover your daily prayer life and keep it strong.

A Starter Free Mobile App for Every Parish with Future Expansion

The app also features a GPS-based worldwide parish and Mass times finder. It's a handy traveling tool when you want to locate churches nearby. Locate your home parish. And the app becomes your parish's mobile website. Parish information and posted schedules are available at your fingertips anytime. Track multiple parishes anywhere in the world and save them as your favorites for quick access. Localized dioceses can also stream their latest pastoral messages and announcements directly to the apps of their respective parishes. ParishWorld Mobile is the de-facto mobile app for practically every parish in the world.

All parishes are beneficiaries of the free version of the mobile app provided by the ParishWorld Evangelization Ministry. When a parish subscribes to the ParishWorld Content Management System (CMS), complete parish information will be made available including scheduled events, stories and articles, blogs, chat rooms, bulletins, Sacraments, Ministries, online donations & more. Parishes can subscribe by calling (818) 446-6793.

Lifestyle & News Stories - Personalized!

While the widest selections of Catholic writers and blogs drive the evangelization and editorial content of ParishWorld Mobile, a closely selected but wide ranging array of Lifestyle, Special Interests and News feeds make this app the most interesting faith-inspired magazine on the internet. Discover the best posts in News, Sports, Food, Fashion, Hobbies, Health, Tech, Design, Home & Garden and much more. These source feeds are informative, incisive and highly entertaining. They are also smart, clean, decent and respectful. Current events and lifestyle stories mingle seamlessly with Catholic and faith-based teachings and opinions. Through this format, we learn to discover God and His relevance in every activity of our day.

And you get to build your own magazine. Customize your pages with the topics you like, the writers and bloggers you like, your personal passions and fields of interests. Mix your prayers and Catholic sources with your news and lifestyle sources. Name your creation appropriately. And you have your own personal magazine. Each person to his own liking.

"Come and Listen"

In Lumen Fidei Pope Francis makes it clear. Faith implies a journey and a discovery. Faith itself is not the completion or the arrival. It's a journey. ParishWorld Mobile is every person's journey of daily Catholic Discovery and re-Discovery. Experience God's love and presence in your daily lives. Download ParishWorld Mobile today. Share it with everyone you know. Whether Catholic or non-Catholic, Christian or non-Cristian, God's Gospel truth beckon us all to "Come and listen."

Learn our Faith. Live our Faith. Share our Faith.

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Parishes subscribing to the ParishWorld receive a full Mobile App and Website with customized local content and syndicated content. Using a CMS (Content Management System), non-technical Parish Staff can create articles for publishing to both mobile and website platforms. ParishWorld automatically provides syndicated content as well as Diocesan and Vatican content with further effort from the Parish.

Read this FAQ to learn more about this service.

Parishes wishing to subscribe and get a full mobile and website content service can contact

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